“Applied GIS for Urban Planning and Modeling”

The market niche that Planning Technologies has sought to fill since its inception in 1996 involves software development in support of planning studies, especially transportation modeling and socioeconomic analysis. This business goal grew from our extensive professional background in transportation forecasting, modeling, and planning analysis methods, which later evolved into a strong interest in computer based software tools. The company has extensive experience applying these tools in regional and corridor planning studies.

We continue to assume responsibilities for all kinds of transportation planning engagements, including major corridor studies, interstate access studies, traffic impact studies, transit service studies, station location studies, station area planning, travel surveys, travel forecasting models, etc. In these assignments we always look to use our modeling, GIS, and software development and database manipulation skills to provide the clear, concise, insightful analysis to both project sponsors and the general public.

Application Development Expertise

In addition to our background in transportation planning, we also have extensive experience in software development, especially applications associated with Geographic Information Systems. We have developed a substantial library of planning applications and toolkits that address complicated planning issues. Our software development skills encompass:

Business Credentials

Planning Technologies was registered in the State of New Mexico as a limited liability company in 1996, and has therefore been in business for 12 years. We have been an authorized ESRI developer and Business Partner since our inception in 1996.